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Located in Colebrook, NH

Northern Forest Canoe Trail

From Colebrook, the Connecticut River transforms from a headwaters stream into a rural river. Paddlers traverse through a landscape of productive dairy farms and riparian woodlands characterized by unique silver maple-ostrich fern natural communities. This forest type is flooded annually, creating deep silty soils and rich wildlife habitat frequented by songbirds, bald eagles, moose, deer, bear, and river otter.

This section of the Connecticut River is a northern spur trail to the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. It is also part of the Connecticut River Paddlers' Trail. The Columbia Covered Bridge and a breached dam at Lyman Falls are markers along a scenic fourteen mile day trip to Bloomfield, Vermont, a route characterized by quick water and Class I-II rapids.

Town of Colebrook, NH

Becky Merrow
Town Office Manager

Department of Resources & Economic Development
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Benoit Lamontagne &
Michael Bergeron
North Country Regional Resource Specialist